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Meet Sue

Writer, speaker, and
pursuer of abundant life.

Sue Muraida is emerging as a compassionate, yet powerful voice calling out to women who, like her, have hidden their true selves because of abuse and societal and relational pressures to be silent and submissive. She is getting better at making the daily choice to claim her authentic voice and use it with a growing love for herself and others. Sue is a single mom of seven kids and grandma to ten grandkids, still driving three days a week to soccer practice. She is a writer, speaker, and pursuer of abundant life living in Grand Junction, Colorado, where she is on a mission to hike every trail and climb every 14-er on the Western Slope.

Deserts to Mountaintops

Our Collective Journey to (re)Claiming Our Voice

Deserts to Mountaintops is the inaugural anthology from Soul Speak, Press slated for publication in January 2023. DTMT chronicles 22 women's voices and their unique journey from the desert of self-abandonment to the mountaintop of self-love. Each chapter focuses on one woman’s specific story that recounts how she has reestablished a relationship with her intuition, reconnected with her truest self and experienced the hard-won joy of reclaiming her VOICE. The inspiration for this collection of essays, stems from the lead author, Jessica Buchanan's, own self-abandonment experience in 2011...



A Must Read!

"It is told in a way that is intimate, in the way that you would speak and share these moments with a close friend. The simple personal mission statement lends to a way for anyone to look at their life and make perceptible change to true self. It covers the struggle that many women have between the traditional expectations and living one's authentic life in an approachable way."

- Bre

A Story of Courage

"Deserts to Mountaintops is an inspiring read that pushed me to think about my true self. I especially appreciated Muraida’s chapter about healing and starting over. Her beautiful story of resilience and courage will inspire people everywhere to live as their true selves."

- Elena

Piercing and Honest 

"Refreshing honesty meshed perfectly with heart wrenching truth, Sue takes your hand and walks you openly through her journey to freedom. I could feel my heart screaming with her and walked away from her words wanting more…believing there is more. Do yourself the biggest favor you could and click add to cart now. You will not regret it, in fact, I believe you might just be embarking on a new journey yourself. Incredible work. A worth every minute of your time read, start to finish."

- Emily

“What would you write
if you weren’t afraid?”
― Mary Karr, The Art of Memoir

The Silent Sound
of Darkness

By: Sue Muraida (Formerly Sue Skalicky)

The Facebook friend request glares back at Jaclyn Friedman. It is the face of her childhood abuser. She holds her breath as she looks at how age has sculpted his face with an unfamiliar texture. Nightmares rush to the surface. Adrenalin strikes her heart at full force. His eyes pierce her soul through the screen with the same fearful message she suffered as a child. Be silent or your family will die. Twenty-three years ago she believed him to be dead. Now, he’s invaded her carefully constructed life. The shameful secret she has carried alone all these years now threatens to become deadly. Breaking the silence could be the only way for Jaclyn and her family to escape alive. 


The Silent Sound of Darkness is a compelling look at the impact of childhood sexual abuse and the deadliness of the silence that too often follows.

The Silent Sound of Darkness Book copy 2_edited_edited copy.jpg

Let's Journey Together

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